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Night Demon eBook ─ 0,99

Night Demon is on sale with many online retailers for eBooks. Choose your preferred platform, and benefit from this Black Friday horror book deal.

Signed Copies ─ 25% Off

What better Black Friday horror book than a signed and dedicated copy of Night Demon? You can get a signed and dedicated physical copy of Night Demon for 25% off now. I always sign and write with a fountain pen and leave you a personal note too. 

Indie Black Friday Horror Books

Indie Black Friday is like regular Black Friday but celebrates indie authors and the indie author community. You can find many great books written by independent authors at huge discounts all throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving. For us horror lovers, that means hunting for those haunting stories that can be grabbed for a fraction of the price. Indie Black Friday horror books and other books can be discovered on many Social Media resources like X and Facebook.

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