Night Demon

A Fantasy Horror Novel

by Stephen Wolberius


Lilian, a thirteen-year old living during the industrialization, is afraid of the murderer who terrorises the town she lives in and who targets children her age. When one day a classmate turns up dead and her best friend Elisabeth goes missing, she takes it upon herself to find out what happened. Lilian carries a dark secret, however. She can see Demons and the more she investigates, the more apparent it becomes that these monsters have something to do with the murders.


Can her ability to communicate with these creatures be used to solve the crimes? Or will her connection to the Netherworld prove to be her own undoing…


Night Demon is a fantasy horror reminding of contemporary titles like “Let The Right One In” and gaslamp horror classics. It combines Judeo-Gothic themes with Saxon folklore from the Low Countries and Ancient Greek and Near-East language magic.

My prose straddles the line between action packed thriller/suspense and literary fiction. I hope anyone can pick up my book and appreciate its text on both a suspenseful and at a deeper level.

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